You can get peace and calm for the soul, and strenght to go on or to think something through.

SUMMER. Just to be in the fantastic and, thogh forestery, quite undisturbed nature in Norra Finnskogen is an adventure in itself. In fact you can "listen" to the loudlessness, experience the coulours and smells - or just be there - in harmony with nature and yourself.

In the many ponds, rivers and creeks you may cool yourself when and where you want.

There are river/lake systems where you canoe up to 40 km in the wilderness. The stream Strängsforsen is very well suited for whitewater training - it is not too wild. In the Klarriver you can go ca. 70km before you reach a dam and dams can be passed on foot.

The Finnforest is huge and the many gravel forest roads are not closed - also not for cars, but due to the size of the area the trafic is no problem. You may walk or bicycle from Spistorp or take your car. You might be out for the whole day without meeting people. We help with tour planning and transport to and from endpoints. Everywhere you will find nice places for pauses where you can enjoy the nature.

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AUTUMN.  The colours of the nature are incredible in the crystal clear air. 

The forests are full of raspberries, blueberries, mountain cranberries, and in the heights the cloudberries. Season August/September.

There are many delicious mushrooms to be gathered. Season August/September.

You are allowed to gather berries and mushrooms anywhere except close to houses.

And the fish are to be caught. 

WINTER. Around Spistorp there are small hills for children and new starters for skiing. The surroundings invite to crosscountry skiing almost anywhere - and if you go a few km with you car, you will find areas with virgin snow.

In Höljes 5 km away - there is prepared crosscountry slope and light slope for evening use in the darkest winter.

If you wish to go alpine skiing, Branaes is 30 km away and Trysil(biggest in Norway) and Saelen(biggest in Sweden) are 65 km away on good winter roads. Here are also prepared crosscountry slopes.

On the many lakes and ponds in the neighbourhood of Spistorp you may go icefishing.

SPRING. In March - April the snow and ice are melted and all plants starts growing again.

The plants here are adapted to the rather short growing season and grow fast when they can.

In the Klar-river, when the sun is shining through the water, the big trouts are getting active - looking for something to eat, and can be caught.

Trouts of 2-4 kgs are rather normal.

You might also see deer, fox, hare, marten and mink.

WHITE MOOSE, ANIMALS AND BIRDS. The white scandinavian moose is found only in this area. It is not a normal albino but a speciel species. Brown moose are everywhere. Be careful by cardriving.

Bear, wolf and lynx are also here, but they are very shy and seldom seen.

There are lots of birds - the biggest are eagle, capercaillie, hawk, crane, swan, falcon and owls.

Raven is very frequent and there are many different smaller brirds.

There are also many dirfferent butterflies. 

SPORTSFISHING and flyfishing here have a class of itself. The Klar-river and the stream Strängsforsen is widely known for good fishing for trout, salomon and grayling.  In the more quiet parts of the river you may catch whitefish, pike and perch also.

In the 30-40 ponds and lakes around Spistorp you may catch trout, perch and pike.

There are also "Put and Take" ponds with rainbowtrout in the area.

In the winter you can icefish on many ponds and on the Höljes-lake and besides trout you may catch charr as well, and in the spring the big trouts already are hungry in the Klar-river. More about fishing on .

In the Höljes-lake pikes of about 15 kgs have been caught. © 2017 • Privacy Policy • All rights reserved


OTHERS. During the summer there are many local cultural arrangemnts that can be very nice even if you do not understand the language. And there are may of the particular Swedish summerfun - the farm-auctions. First weekend in July there is the World Championship in rallycross on Höljes Motorstadion and during the summer some more folkraces. The Höljes Dam and the Höljes Power Plant inside the mountain are well worth visiting. 





White Moose, Animals and Birds